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BBQ Cleaning by Oven Cleanic London

Imagine the following – its late spring, the cloudy, rainy days are getting less and less often. The sun is showing itself almost every day. Finally you can invite friends and family to a present gathering in the back garden – it is time for barbecue! All the drinks are cold, the vegetables are fresh, and the meat is ready for the grill. The guests arrive and you must prepare the food. In this joyful moment you realize that the BBQ is still having a winter sleep – it’s all black and grimy, full of last year’s grease and dirt. Sounds familiar? DO NOT let this happen to you – the solution is one phone call away!

Our family company Oven Cleanic is specialized in professional maintenance and cleansing the whole wide range of BBQs – stainless steel BBQs, gas grill grates, ordinary grills even ovens with integrated grills – you name it – we can clean it all! Our well known and established business is providing cleaning services from more than 8 years. Our staff is with us from the beginning – they are professionally trained and experienced. By using our skills and experience we can handle the most impossible tasks! You are concerned about your health and the environment, because of the cleaning chemicals we us? There is absolutely no need for this – in Oven Cleanic London we use only the latest cleaning solutions – eco-friendly and the most important – safe for you, your family and pets! This assures that the BBQ will be perfectly cleaned – the old caustic chemicals can’t get to the level of the new products – based on organic materials - no residue, no nasty smell! Our services are oriented to the customer – we can do exactly what YOU need – on the best price, whenever YOU need it!

Call our 24/7 customer services and get the latest SPECIAL OFFERS for BBQ cleaning – the highest level of service at the most reasonable prices! Still thinking that you can do it yourself? Then think of the hours of labor intensive work that you must put in – scrubbing, brushing, dealing with hazardous chemicals. And finally, you understand that the results are far from the result that you want. We at Oven Cleanic London have one sole mission – to exceed our clients’ expectations!

To sum up, this is why you NEED to call Oven Cleanic London:

  • 24/7 customer care center;
  • Multiple ways of booking :
    077 296 65 098
  • Reasonable prices with no hidden charges – all our prices are final and include VAT;
  • Friendly and polite staff – from the customer care to the cleaning experts;
  • Always punctual – ever on time – you can easily manage your schedule;
  • FULL INSURANCE: our cleaning teams are fully insured for all kinds of property damage;
  • SPECIAL OFFERS – call our customer care, combine multiple services and get THE BEST PRICE;
  • We cover ALL London and Grater London Areas;
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction;

And last but not least (all chefs will agree with this one) – your food will taste a lot better!

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