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Professional Deep Kitchen Cleaning by Oven Cleanic London

Who does not like a dinner, consisted of several meals? And after the great taste of the food – who likes the cleaning of the kitchen? Yes, that’s right, no one does. Scrubbing, washing and degreasing all the appliances – the stove, extractor, the hob, the dishwasher the fridge, the freezer, the microwave… All that labor intensive work makes you tired when you even think about it.  Don’t bother any more – call a professional!

Our company – Oven Cleanic London Is a reputable family business, providing all London and Greater London areas with professional cleaning services since 2006. Our well trained, equipped and experienced mobile team can take care of every square inch of your kitchen – all the appliances, all the surfaces and cupboards – inside and outside. Everything will be cleaned and maintained by the best and fastest possible manner and you don’t even have to move a muscle! And at the best rates in whole London!

Our specialist will take care of your fridge – they will carefully remove all the grates and plastic storage compartments and dividers, so all of them could be properly cleaned. This will free enough space for the whole inside and fridge door to be cleaned. Our staff is not only specialized in cleaning – we also provide our customers with professional maintenance – changing of plates of extractors, lightbulbs in the ovens and refrigerators and any other appliance, also replacing rubber seals. This type of work need special training and a lot of experience, because all appliances from different brands are different in between.

Let me give you an example. The oven cleaning is the most specialized and hard job, that’s included in the deep kitchen cleaning. We at Oven Cleanic London can provide you with the best oven cleaning in London – with more than 10 000 ovens cleaned, our specialists are experienced and trained to clean and maintain the whole wide range of ovens – from small single ovens to big industrial range masters. At first, the outside of the oven is cleaned – the sides, the back and the hob – no matter if it’s gas or ceramic hob – it will be fresh and shiny! After this comes the tricky part – the inside. All the grills and trays are removed and soaked in a bath of ecofriendly non caustic cleaning solution – this will guarantee that all the grime will be totally removed. Next comes the applying of a professional cleaning detergent on the inside walls and back of the oven. It is left for a short period of time, so maximum efficiency could be achieved. Oven Cleanic specialist use professional equipment to scrub away all the grease, carbon and dirt that was build up over time. They disassemble the glass door, so they could repeat the same process with it. And the most important detail – with Oven Cleanic you WILL NOT see a glass door that was not properly cleaned – in between the glass plates! This is the detail that distinguishes others from Oven Cleanic! After everything is polished to perfection, the door is assembled and the polished grills and trays are returned. Lightbulbs and sealings are replaced if necessary. After you see the final result you will not recognize your own oven – it will look like it just came out of the factory!

So to sum up – Oven Cleanic London provides you with the best possible service at the most reasonable prices! No hidden charges, all prices are final and inclusive VAT! We are available for booking 24/7, even on Bank Holidays! Our mobile teams are punctual and cover all Greater London Areas! Just call our customer services anytime of the day, arrange an appointment and we can guarantee Oven Cleanic London will exceed your expectations!

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